Request for Professional Reference and Client Feedback

Companies occasionally ask me to provide a list of professional references, including past and current clients. I would like to use your company as a professional reference. I also appreciate any comments you might have, and I may use these comments in future marketing efforts. Your participation is completely optional and appreciated.

Thank You,
Edd Ferrell

Professional Reference

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If a company wants to contact you, as a reference, how can they reach you?
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Client Feedback

About Edd Ferrell Consulting:

You don't need to answer every question or fill out each section.
A few sentences, in one or two areas, are appreciated.

Technical Ability


How is your network running?
Do you have much network downtime? 
Does your computer network do what you need it to do?



Do you feel that recommendations are made with your company's best interests in mind?
Are your problems and concerns handled  professionally? 

Overall Value


Has your company saved money?
Are the costs of maintaining your computers and network  lower than with previous consulting companies? 

Additional Comments Comments:
Any additional comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank You!